About Us

Hi I’m Frank the owner of this site.

Who is MustGoToEvents.com? We hope to be a premier private event/networking site. We are a private social networking site. We are not a hookup site or an online social networking site, there are plenty of sites for that. This is a promoter driven event site. Our goal is to be anti-“online” social network site and more of a face-to-face social networking site. Yes there will be limited ways to communicate amongst fellow group members but it will be through monitored posts.

The promoter is offering you a product in which they are looking to earn a living. It will be the promoters job to ensure your privacy. If you have a negative review you wish to communicate, it will be directly to the person responsible for the events and I, the owner of this site, will monitoring all of the reviews good and bad. It will be the promoters job to ensure issues are addressed or that person won’t be promoting on this site anymore. Or if you don’t like what they are offering you can simply quit, your profile will be wiped from the site, that is my promise.